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Print Perfectly -- From returns and affidavits to subpoenas or other document preparation, invoices and form letters, everything that prints is perfectly formatted for your company and your state.

No Rework -- Eliminate needless rework because of court or client rejection of documents and re-doing time-consuming paperwork. ProcessPLACE gets it right the first time. Gain business identity and company recognition with customizations made just for you.

One Integrated System -- Use one system for all the services your company offers. Stay on top of it all from one place. ProcessPLACE works for unlimited types of service. Some examples include: service of process, court filing, document preparation, court records search, database research, photocopying, skip trace, mobile notary, field chase, courier service, and court reporting.

Data Security -- Keep your business just that, your business! Secure sensitive company data and intellectual property from prying eyes. Safely delegate work to various levels of office staff and process servers. Allow some clients access to the tracking information about their service requests or deny all client access to the information.

No hidden costs, fast and easy to deploy

ProcessPLACE is an all-inclusive software subscription service that reduces the costs of running your business, regardless of whether you are an independent process server or a large organization providing attorney services. Product access, support, maintenance, enhancements and major releases are all included with your subscription. It is easy to use, quick to deploy, and requires no capital or IT investment.

Freedom & flexibility to work the way you want

Being a process server requires that you be constantly on the move. ProcessPLACE gives you the freedom and flexibility to efficiently manage your business, having immediate access to critical information about your clients, the papers you need to serve, and the status of every job in process. Accessing ProcessPLACE is easy requiring only a Web browser, enabling you to become more efficient, service more clients, and increase your business.

Increase customer satisfaction

Using ProcessPLACE makes it easy to communicate with your clients so that they always know the status of their job. Each of your clients is eligible for a secure login so they can view job status, look up history, review invoices and communicate with you. Your clients will have the ability to lookup critical, timely information from any computer with web access. They can even submit a request for service right into your system.


Stay in the Know!


  • User-Defined Settings

  • Rate Tables

  • Client Services


  • Re-use data
  • Exact Returns, no generic formats
  • Fast, easy search
  • Secure delegation of work

Client Services

  • Email status updates
  • Check status via secure login
  • Submit online Service Requests via secure login


  • We customize your Returns & Invoices
  • We implement new features & enhancements
  • We help set up & deploy
  • Services based software delivery


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