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Time-consuming or manual systems will no longer be adequate in this growing industry. 

ProcessPLACE is the next generation of software for private Process Servers and Attorney Service Companies.

  • Record and track jobs
  • Print job tickets and "send away" affidavits
  • Alert clients with email status updates
  • Service fees calculated from customizable rate tables
  • Print customized invoices
  • Print customized returns
  • Receive payments on invoices
  • Track outstanding balances
  • Generate billing statements
  • Allow clients secure access to request services, check status
  • Anytime, anywhere access

Instantly Know:

  • What each worker in the field has assigned to them
  • Which services have due dates and who is assigned
  • Open services for each client and case
  • What needs to be billed
  • Who is overdue on payment
  • When a client submits orders and documents online
  • Payments received by client or by year and month

Secure, hosted solution for efficiently tracking jobs

ProcessPLACE offers you an easier way to manage the administrative tasks required of your profession while saving you time and money. As a secure, hosted solution accessible via a Web browser, ProcessPLACE enables you to efficiently track jobs and produce reports and invoices without a major investment in software, hardware or IT services. It contains many features that help you better communicate with the legal and business communities you serve, enabling you to offer better customer service.

Safe & reliable access to mission-critical data

ProcessPLACE is built on a secure, reliable database accessible through a Web browser. This ensures your data is safe, available, and accessible to you whenever and wherever you are. You can easily update the status of each job via the Internet, allowing you to keep accurate records. And, you can provide secure access to the system for your clients, enabling them to know exactly where you are in the process.


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