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ProcessPLACE requires a computer with an Internet connection, a Web browser and Microsoft Word for the creation of Returns, Affidavits and Invoices.

Works best with Internet Explorer version 6 and higher set to use secure sockets layer (SSL), or the Konquer browser on a Linux based system.

According to the Giga Group, 80% of an application’s total cost of ownership (TCO) is related to the management and maintenance of software. Using service-based software can substantially reduce these costs.

Why own software when you can get all the benefits without the cost? ProcessPLACE eliminates the management and maintenance headaches. This means if you buy a new computer, you can immediately get access to your information without having to install any software. If your computer gets a virus or crashes, your data is safe, your business is protected, and you can continue to provide services to your clients.


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