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Success Story

My clients absolutely love the automated e-mails that are generated, notifying them of the status of each of their cases. Definitely gives my company an edge in a competitive market.

ProcessPLACE has always delivered in implementing changes with their programs, at my clients requests, which allows them to get their information needed in a more clear, efficient manner. I have yet to request a change that they can not handle.

Tom Doome
Due Process Servers, LLC

Success Story  

Process Place has been at the forefront of our company's growth.  It has given us the tools to organize our paperwork, and allowed our company to grow from a one employee operation to a six employee operation in about six months.  The Process Place support team is responsive and eager to promptly address any concerns we have.  The ability to login through the web eliminates loading proprietary software on our computers, which often results in lockups and compatibility issues. Basically, any PC with Internet Explorer becomes a full functioning workstation.  When comparing to other solutions, Process Place is next to none, the value is simply unmatched.  We highly recommend this product over anything else currently on the market.

Legal support services company in Ohio

Success Story


BEST Process Service has experienced steady growth for the last five years. The Process Place program has allowed us to consolidate client and service data into one system that is accessible from any computer. Whether we are in the office or in the field, we can check a job status for a client, or track payments in a timely manner.

In our previous system, "Client" profiles and "Job" data could not be accessed in the same screen.  The client database fields could not be adapted to maintain the information we needed to create invoices and track payments in a timely manner.
Process Place has allowed us to document service instructions, procedures for returning affidavits, and special instructions in one location.  With the amount of paper coming through our office, special instructions can be lost or misfiled.
Process Place has made us more productive and has allowed us to serve our clients more efficiently.

Ron and India Guilbot
BEST Process Service
San Antonio, Texas  


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